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IUM: Open your Own Integrative Unit Locally as a Social Business

Open a social business for vocational rehabilitation based on the Integrative Unit Model (IUM). Maximize your organization’s potential to place people with severe disabilities in the open labor market.

Shekulo Tov is looking to partner with local social entrepreneurs and existing organizations to promote a world with zero exclusion in the open labor market.

How do we partner?

We partner with local leaders around the world via two main approaches:

  1. Shareholding: Opening a local venture in partnership with mutual investment, e.g., our work with IFL- Berlin.
  2. Franchise model: Supporting your organization in opening one of our units locally, e.g., our work with Grup Èxit in Girona, Spain.

Together, we select the suitable integrative units for your community and agree on a sustainable strategy and growth-focused business plan. During the process, Shekulo Tov Group and its team support local entrepreneurs via the following avenues:

  • Vocational Engagement and the IUM Model-

    Our Vocational Engagement training, and supported employment management team helps you adapt our model to the local culture and language. We empower you to train your team to become more placement-focused.

    Our digital measurement tools help you ensure proactive Vocational Engagement and training processes, Meaningful Vocational Practices and maximized digital literacy of service users to facilitate independent living and participation.

  • Business and Management

    Our management helps you create an adaptive business plan and financial goals, encourage intrapreneurship within your team, and choose products that increase sales, interactions between people with disabilities and the public, and placement in the open labor market.

  • Branding and community engagement

    Social branding is the core of our work. Our marketing and unit managers help you find ways to increase your exposure and strengthen your brand.

    Social branding strategies help us engage new local stakeholders, increase B2G, B2B, and B2C sales, and, most importantly, draw more service users to embark on their employment journey with us.

  • Evaluation of Economic and Social Impact

    Our R&D team improves internal processes such as intake, short- and long-term assessment of services and their outcomes, and partners with other academic and economic institutions.

  • Regulation and Models Development

    The Integrative Unit Model addresses all the goals recently stated by the UN, EU, and other social organizations regarding Vocational Engagement training in general and sheltered employment in particular.

    We assist local leaders in adapting the IUM to local realities and engaging better with regulators to ensure flexible, person-oriented services focusing on open labor market inclusion.

  • Together we will:

    • Increase impact and throughput by selling social and green economy products.
    • Expand impact by increasing the number of service users and the associated revenue from local government (sheltered employment).
    • Improve placement rates of the organization’s service users within the open labor market and increase associated revenue from local government (supported employment).

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