Social Business Units

Sustainable business units operating in the heart of the community

  • Good Coffee
  • Dandasha
  • Rebooks
  • Good Dog
  • TNX
  • 280 Service users   |   36% Placement   |   8 Branches

    Good Coffee is a chain of social cafés that serves as a professional vocational rehabilitation training center for people with psychosocial disabilities. Its main objective is to enhance vocational and interpersonal skills and promote practical experience in working in the kitchen, as a barista, providing customer service, and various other positions necessary to work in this field.

    The vocational rehabilitation team at each café includes a professional rehabilitation manager, placement coordinator, and staff member who specializes in food service.

    Vocational training includes: coffee and coffee making, kitchen work, food service hygiene, customer service, cashier and stock management.

  • 100 Service Users   |   22% Placement   |   6 Branches

    Dandasha is a chain of second-hand boutiques for women’s clothing. Each shop is located in the heart of the community and provides a space for workers to maximize their community engagement and interactions.

    Each shop is staffed by service users who enjoy practical training that includes styling, sales skills, customer service, inventory management, shop window design, digital marketing, and sewing and repairs –  all designed to train and prepare them to work in the open labor market.

    Vocational training includes: customer services & sales, marketing, sewing & fashion design, stock management and shift managers.

  • 1,050 Service Users   |   30% Placement   |   18 Branches

    Rebooks is a chain of second-hand bookstores that serves as a professional vocational rehabilitation training center for people with psychosocial disabilities. The chain reinforces the environmental value of reuse of items, and encourages meaningful rehabilitative occupations in the community.

    Rebooks is a leading brand in Israel, with 18 stores nationally and over 500 different points of sale at cafés, community centers, kindergartens, corporations, and other locations. The Rebooks website is the largest online book selling platform in Israel.

    In 2019, Rebooks opened its first international store in Girona, Spain, in collaboration with Group Exit.

    The vocational rehabilitation training process at Rebooks seeks to improve hard and soft working skills, including book collecting and sorting, sales (including on-line sales) and customer service.

    Vocational training includes: book sorting, online system management, phone orders, cashier and customer services & sales.

  • 170 Service Users   |   44% Placement   |   9 Branches

    Good Dog is a social enterprise that offers dog owners a dog walking service by trained, trustworthy and professional dog-walkers. Employees not only provide each dog with an enjoyable, refreshing walk, but also give it personal loving attention.

    Good Dog’s dog walkers receive intense, comprehensive professional training for working with animals, including a basic dog training course and first aid for animals. They also receive training for soft and hard employment skills. Dog walkers can also work as freelancers, while receiving the relevant knowledge, tools. and support to open their own dog walking business.

    Vocational training includes: dog training, dog walking, communications, job skills and customer service.

  • 780 Service Users   |   27% Placement   |   70 Branches

    TNX is a network of sales points for value driven, quality gifts. The network is spread across dozens of malls and shopping centers throughout the country and offers special gift packs and presents.

    In addition, TNX also runs a B2B operation for companies as well, offering employee gifts, conference give-aways, and other items.  The products are manufactured by Shekulo Tov’s integrative production sites.

    TNX seeks to enhance knowledge, skills and tools for people with mental disabilities, at the highest industry-standards, in a natural environment and at the heart of society. This community-based operation provides different opportunities for our customers, suppliers, partners, and others to get to know people with mental disabilities in a positive and productive context, which can help reduce mental illness stigma and increase social inclusion.

    Vocational training includes: sales, product operations, cashier, stock management, communications and office support.