Management and Business Activities
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    Offer Cohen
    Offer has served as CEO since 2006, when we were a small sheltered workshop that made candles. Since then, the Shekulo Tov Group has become an innovative social giant that has placed thousands in the open labor market internationally, while operating under zero donation and zero volunteering policies. Offer oversees the group’s eight social business chains. All have different products, branding, and business plans but share the same organizational focus: open labor market transition and intrapreneurship. Offer is an awardee of the Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship and an alumnus of the INSEAD Social Entrepreneurship Program. He has a BA in business management, specializing in marketing, and an MA in business management, specializing in production. Offer will help you with entrepreneurial and business decisions, support your scale-up, and assist with problem-solving to maximize growth and impact!
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    Yuval Hannan
    Chief Financial Officer
    Yuval is an accountant (CPA) with over 20 years of senior management and financial experience at large industrial and commercial Israeli companies, including The Bedline Factory, CTS Pharmaceuticals, and Maariv Group. He has helped social entrepreneurs worldwide form profitable business plans that serve the IUM locally through B2G, B2B, and B2C sales. Yuval holds a bachelor's degree in business administration and a master's degree in law from Bar-Ilan University. Yuval will help translate your vision from ideas into a spreadsheet to ensure economic stability and sustainable growth, and to identify opportunities and red flags.
Vocational Engagement
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    Tal Neuberger
    Director of Supported Employment
    Tal leads the supported employment team and professional team development, and oversees ongoing relations with over 450 employers at national and local levels. With his team, Tal developed the P3 supported employment model and supervised its implementation across the group's 148 units. Tal provides ongoing professional training and support to Shekulo Tov’s supported employment professional staff and job coaches. Globally, he has trained teams in Germany, China, Holland, and France. Tal holds an MA in Social Work. He is licensed for clinical supervision by the Israeli Recovery and Rehabilitation School. As part of the school's staff, he lectures on supported employment and the CSW intervention to recovery specialists and job coaches. Tal and his team will help you and your staff focus on the open market transition from within training units using the P3 model. In addition, he will assist with strategies for employer engagement and long-term partnerships.
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    Libby Harpaz Matityahu
    Director of Rehabilitation & Practices Development
    Libby has over a decade of experience in vocational engagement. As part of the team that developed the IUM, she also was part of its implementation at the integrative factory where she managed rehabilitation. Today, Libby is in charge of knowledge development for the group’s employees, applying new practices and improving existing ones. Globally, she has trained teams in Germany and France. Libby is licensed by the Israeli Recovery and Rehabilitation School for self-advocacy, CSW interventions, and clinical supervision. She has trained hundreds of staff members on recovery-related topics and is a regular speaker at national conferences, workshops, and online conferences. Libby holds a BA and MA in Occupational Therapy from Tel Aviv University, specializing in recovery, community, and mental health. Libby will help prepare your staff through ‘Train the Trainers’ programs. These trainings support your organizational growth and allow your teams to share the IUM principles with their peers.
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    Rina Spiegel
    Director of Rehabilitation of vocational engagement division
    Rina has two decades of experience in vocational engagement. She joined the group in 2007 and has since taken part in the development of numerous units, projects, and models. She represented the organization in a professional seminar for service providers in China and Germany. Today, she is the Director of Rehabilitation in our Vocational Engagement Division. Rina and her team implement the group’s unique personal engagement plans for each service user in any of our integrative units. Her work focuses on constantly developing and adapting our vocational engagement and training to the changing workforce. In 2022, she developed and implemented our MVP (Meaningful Vocational Practice) Index that rates each unit and suggests relevant improvements. Rina is licensed by the Israeli Recovery and Rehabilitation School for NECT and CSW interventions and clinical supervision. She holds an MA in occupational therapy with a specialization in mental health. Rina will help your staff implement the IUM in each vocational practice, objectively measure vocational practice meaningfulness, and help you ensure vocational relevancy for transition to the open market.
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    Mimon Pinto
    Director of Lived Experience, Recovery & Knowledge
    Mimon oversees the work of over 250 service improvers, and together they ensure the improvement, adaptation, and need-oriented design of our services. Mimon has worked in various rehabilitation and vocational engagement positions since 2010. He managed the Experienced Fellow Program at Beer Sheva Mental Health Center and served as a supported employment job coach at the Shekulo Tov Corinth chocolate production plant in Beer Sheva. At the Israeli Recovery and Rehabilitation School, Mimon leads ‘IMR Illness Management and Recovery’ interventions and the Rehabilitation and Integration in the Work World course. He also lectures on recovery processes and his personal story. Mimon will help you develop a ‘service improvers’ program within your organization or initiative, to ensure service users are at the forefront of considerations when designing transition-focused services.
Branding and Community Relations
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    Inbal Boaz
    Director of the Recreational & Social Inclusion
    Inbal has two decades of experience in recovery, community integration, and vocational rehabilitation, specializing in youth and adults with disabilities. In 2013, she joined Shekulo Tov and helped develop the award-winning SAME model, which promotes independent leisure activities for over 3000 people with disabilities in 35 community hubs annually. Inbal is licensed by the Israeli Recovery and Rehabilitation School for self-advocacy intervention and clinical supervision. She holds a BA and MA degree in Occupational Therapy from Tel Aviv University. Inbal will help you develop independent living services supplementary to the IUM, and promote efficacy and meaningfulness for your service users while increasing your bottom line.
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    Hanni Itzhaki
    Director of Marketing & Communication
    Hanni has two decades of managerial experience in the marketing and advertising industry. She specializes in customer experience, cross-platform marketing, and creating strategic partnerships. At Shekulo Tov Group, Hanni manages the marketing department, overseeing a team of graphic designers, marketing managers, PPC specialists, content managers, and social media managers. She is responsible for developing and implementing the group’s marketing strategies. She and her team characterize and maintain the group's digital assets to maximize brand awareness among service users and B2G, B2B, and B2C clients and partners, both nationally and globally. Hanni holds an MBA focused on consulting and organizational development. Hanni will help your team define, build and maximize your digital assets, as well as optimize search engine campaigns (SEM, SEO) and PPC-funded campaigns, and track KPIs goals.
Economic and Social Impact
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    Yael Weinstein, Ph.D.
    Research and Development Director
    Yael has over 10 years of research experience. She joined Shekulo Tov in 2017 and is in charge of measuring impact through various indexes and digital tools she and her colleagues developed. Among them are the Digital Proficiency Questionnaire (DPQ) and the Meaningful Vocational Practice (MVP) Index. She has evaluated professional models, conducted national and international collaborations, and has published extensively. She was also part of the development team for the MYWAY software and app that digitalizes and personalizes vocational engagement plans. Yael is a lecturer at the Max Stern Yezreel Valley College in Human Resources Department, where she teaches advanced statistical and methodological courses. Since 2020, Yael also serves as a reviewer for the International Journal of Mental Health. She holds a BA in Communication & Human Resources, an MA in Social Research, and a PhD in Community Mental Health, all from Haifa University. Yael will help you to implement our measurement tools, identify your KPIs, and create meaningful social and economic impact reporting.
Models Development and Regulation
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    Hagar Aloush
    Chief Rehabilitation Officer
    Hagar has over two decades of experience in the vocational & recreational recovery field. She has managed all the group’s vocational engagement capacities and services – including its teams, government relations, and R&D. For the recovery and rehabilitation aspects of the award-winning Integrative Unit and SAME models, she has led their development and supervised their implementation across the group’s 148 units. Globally, she represented the group at international conferences and conventions in Germany, Norway, France, Austria, and Switzerland. Hagar is licensed by the Israeli Recovery and Rehabilitation School in self-advocacy, CSW interventions, and clinical supervision, and is part of the school’s staff. She holds a BA and MA in Occupational Therapy from Tel Aviv University, specializing in Community Recovery & Rehabilitation. Hagar will help you adapt and implement the IUM according to cultural, regulatory, and business needs and local realities, and develop new models to solve challenges and address needs as you and your team define them.
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    Ophir Peleg
    Chief Global Officer
    Ophir is a certified lawyer specializing in international law and health regulation. He has an extensive background in social, public, and governmental diplomacy. Since 2018, Ophir has been engaging with local entrepreneurs and social organizations globally to adapt, implement and scale the group’s model. Ophir oversees the group's international growth, coordinates the work between social entrepreneurs and experts, adapts the IUM regulatory requirements to local needs, and helps advocate for the IUM method with local regulators. He previously worked as a strategic consultant for Israel’s largest NGOs and as an international and regulatory lawyer for Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs legal department. Among his responsibilities were enhancing the economic and social relations between Israel and the European Union. Ophir will help you become an engaged member of the Shekulo Tov Group, support your growth, and assist your work with local regulators to implement and fund the best vocational engagement model available for you.