A Social Organization that Operates like a Startup

IUM by Shekulo Tov is a new way to think about rehabilitation and vocational training for people with psychosocial disabilities. It was developed over 15 years, and just like a startup, the process included many versions, upgrades and revisions until it became a solid methodology in 2015.

2005 1% Placement
2008 5% Placement
2010 7% Placement
2013 10% Placement
2015 20% Placement
2019 30% Placement
Sheltered workshop producing candles located in an indusial area
Breaking the walls of the workshops and establishing a social business in the heart of the community
Introducing our Supported Employment services
Initiating the integrative model
Integrative Unit Model full implementation in over 100 units across Israel
IUM is recognized internationally by the Un, OECD, and local partners in Europe

Today, the Shekulo Tov group provides rehabilitation to 3,800 service users. Our work is based on the vision to empower people with psychiatric disabilities to live independent and active lives in the community, pursue their personal journeys, and reach their professional goals.

At the heart of our work lies the principle that true inclusion depends upon having vocational rehabilitation opportunities available in mainstream society, outside the mental health system.

This approach is realized through our award-winning IUM: Integrative Unit Model, which has successfully placed over 30% of our service users in the labor market earning at least minimum wage.

Our training platform and programs were developed to provide sheltered employment organizations and mental health professional all over the world with the opportunity to learn and execute the IUM locally, in order to maximize placement and inclusion for people with disabilities.

The Shekulo Tov Group is based in Israel, where we operate 8 social business brands nationally, operated through 120 community IUM-based training units. Out of our 3,800 service users, over 950 have a contract in the open labor market.

Recognition & Awards

  • The Zero Project: Innovative Practice 2017 on Employment, Work and Vocational Education and Training.
  • Social Entrepreneurs of the Year in Israel, the World Economic Forum.
  • Social Entrepreneur Award, Israel Business Convention.
  • Social Entrepreneurship, Globes.