The Institute for Life Competencies

The Institute for Life Competencies (IFL) is a German entity founded by Laura Kupler, a social entrepreneur, and co-managed by Philip Wegner, previously a social programs manager and currently a business strategist.

IFL provides coaching services and is endorsed by the German government. The coaching enables service users to participate more successfully in society, with a focus on employment, community participation, and social relationships.

Since 2022, the IFL has been part of the Shekulo Tov Group, including direct shareholding.
Shekulo Tov’s senior staff helps the IFL management adapt the Integrative Unit Model (IUM) to the local culture and regulatory requirements. In addition, we support business and marketing development and R&D.
During 2023, we hope to implement the model locally, and to scale it in 2024.


Grup Èxit is a business organization located in Girona

Grup Èxit is a business organization located in Girona, Catalunya. It is a partnership between the Drissa Private Foundation, Ecosol, and the Ramon Noguera Foundation Group.

The group’s objectives are to expand economic activity and promote the workforce integration of people with vocational barriers, including  those with intellectual and mental disabilities.

Since 2018, Shekulo Tov Group and Grup Èxit have shared know-how and practices. As a result, in 2019, a local Rebooks store and points of sale opened in Girona. Through a franchise partnership, the Shekulo Tov team helps Grup Èxit adapt the model, marketing materials, development strategies, and business plans to allow people with disabilities to have meaningful occupations and training.

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