MyWay Up

Digitalizing and maximizing Vocational Engagement processes

MyWay is a revolutionary digital platform that offers interactive and dynamic vocational engagement and training for people with disabilities and vocational barriers.
It empowers independence, initiative-taking, and ownership among service users while improving decision-making and reducing bureaucratic overload on professional teams.

MyWay aims to make the open labor market more accessible for people with disabilities. It is designed for various vocational engagement models such as daycares, sheltered and supported employment service providers, and inclusive social economy companies.
Its results are tailor-made personal plans that offer service users greater progress and quicker transitions to the open labor market.

MyWay is:

  • Accessible

    The vocational engagement plan is smartphone-friendly and becomes an integral part of the service user’s regular life, rather than an infrequent check-in.


    The app offers hourly, daily, and weekly task reminders, making the personal vocational engagement plan an integral part of the service user’s routine. It facilitates continuous interaction with each service user, providing support and quick problem-solving.

  • Proactivity

    The personal vocational engagement plan becomes a participatory, bilateral journey between service users and professional teams. It encourages personal responsibility and a positive approach toward the Vocational Engagement process.


    Unique algorithms in the interface suggest existing modules and templates for professional teams, leading to a tailored, decision-based plan that is customized to each individual.

  • Measurable

    Updated measurable data can reduce training time and improve job placement. It helps the team assess where their attention should go and what part of the plan can be updated next.


    Digitalization helps enable a personal touch by allowing social workers, Vocational Engagement specialists, and job coaches to spend more time with their service users rather than in bureaucracy.

Overall, MyWay can dramatically change the process of building, managing and implementing vocational engagement plans for providers around the world. The Israeli Innovation Authority supports the development of MyWay.

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