Israel Prison Service inaugurates Shekulo Tov’s chocolate factory

The success of the IUM has made it applicable to many different audiences and service users with vocational barriers.

The Shekulo Tov Group partnered with the Israeli prison service in a unique project to provide vocational rehabilitation training for prisoners with severe psychosocial disabilities.

Happy to introduce- “ChocolateTop – Wrapping of Love.”
Its service users are prisoners with psychosocial disabilities who have difficulty dealing with various prison situations and need increased supervision and support.

After a long process of deep thinking, learning about the target audience, and designing the service, we thought of and executed an innovative and unique groundbreaking idea – the first chocolate factory in the world preparing prisoners for the free labor market.

The Shekulo Tov group provides professional knowledge, is responsible for the rehabilitation process, and supervises the training framework, including transitioning from prison into community vocational rehabilitation and training programs.

This is just the beginning; we are already working on additional models in other prisons that will provide vocational rehabilitation for prisoners on the way to their integration into society.

This month we officially opened a chocolate factory as part of our partnership with the Israeli Prison Service. This program allows prisoners with disabilities to begin their vocational engagement in prison and to allow their smooth transition into the community once released.

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