Shekulo Tov’s Employers Job Fairs are back onsite!

After 3 years of virtual job fairs, we were honored to meet employers and service users at a huge physical fair held at the Tel Aviv- Expo last week.

Each year, we hold several physical and virtual fairs in different parts of the country, bringing together employers and service users to promote employment in the free labor market.
50 large nationwide companies attended the fair, with over 300 service users (people with disabilities in their vocational rehabilitation that would like to be integrated into the open labor market).

The fair consisted of 2 parts: the first was designed for employers. It included short lectures on the integration of employees with disabilities and practical tips for success in the integration processes.
The second part focused on direct meetings between employers and our service users, where employers offered jobs, and our service users held job interviews (some for the first time in their lives!).
“I am happy that every year more and more employers are interested and understand the importance of occupational diversity and integration in the community. I call on more employers to dare and start; we will accompany you in everything necessary.” – Ofer Cohen, CEO of קבוצת שכולו טוב – Shekulo Tov Group

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