Data-Driven Decision-Making in Social Services Dealing with the Employment of People with Disabilities

Join us for an informative webinar during which we will share innovative measurement tools and explain how they serve as internal tools for self-evaluation, making data-driven decisions, and maintaining improvements in vocational engagement services. The webinar is relevant for sheltered workshops, inclusive companies, supported employment services, and other forms of vocational engagement who want to measure and improve the tasks, positions, training, and open-market opportunities they offer.


Some examples from the indexes that will be shared:

  1. Pre-service measurement: Why do service users approach us? What are their expectations? Is one type of training more interesting for them than the other? And why?
  2. During service: Meaningful Vocational Practice (MVP) Index:
    The MVP allows us to measure the quality and relevancy of our services to the labor market. Its results help us examine the vocational journey we offer through the following criteria:Identity and Meaning, Variety, Continuity, and Relevancy.
    The MVP is accompanied by our Satisfaction Questionnaire and our Transition Rate. Index- to help training units celebrate its success and improve their services accordingly.
  3. Post placement: Meaningful Placement Measurement Index: This index allows us to measure the quality of open labor market jobs in which our service users are placed – by salary, quality, and relevancy. It helps us measure our partnership with employers, understand new trends, adjust our training units, and support employment and c areer development services accordingly.


Apart from explaining the tools, their academic backgrounds, and the participation of the service users in their creation and collection – we will share how we use the results and the decisions we have made to design some services differently.

And, of course – a time to be given for discussion and feedback.

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We are looking forward to seeing you!

The EASPD and the Shekulo Tov Group.



Webinar Agenda:

Moderator: Ophir Peleg, Chief Global Officer

11:00 – Opening remarks, Fabrizio Fea-  Rehab. Centre Scuola Viva onlus (Rome) and Co-Chair of the EASPD Employment Members Forum.

11:10 – Data-driven decision-making – Shekulo Tov Group

  • Speakers:
    • Hagar Aloush, Chief Rehabilitation Officer
    • Yael Weinstein, Director of Research and Development
    • Tal Neuberger, Director of Supported Employment

11:50 – Questions and open discussion

12:10 – Closing remarks – Hagar Aloush

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