Customized Process for Senior Leadership

IUM: Open your Own Integrative Unit Locally, as a Social Business

Open a social business for vocational rehabilitation based on the IUM. Maximize your organization’s potential to place people with severe psychosocial disabilities in the open labor market, while increasing your organization’s income.

During this customized process, we will map your organization’s abilities and potential. We will mutually select the suitable units for your community and guide you in the necessary steps along the way, based on our knowledge and experience.

Learn about our IUM scalable social businesses which offer a range of digital and in-person vocational rehabilitation, effective community relations, thriving B2C sales and marketing, and outstanding sales and placement results in the open labor market.


The process includes:

  • Mapping your current rehabilitation units and organizational goals with an emphasis on:
    • Current rehabilitation methods and programs.
    • Business units and tactics.
    • Mapping your regulations and community relations.
    • Setting up targets and goals.
  • Selection
    • Learn about the pros and cons of various IUM Social Business units.
    • Assess your growth potential in implementing any of the IUM business units and select the ones that best fit your goals and needs.
  • Planning
    • Write a dependable work plan and business plan based on the knowledge and experience of IUM experts. The program will be adapted together with your team and other local experts.
    • Maximize your local regulations to support the IUM with both sheltered and supported employment, as well as service users’ career development.
  • Training
    • We will train and support the team to implement and adapt the IUM locally. Training includes vocational plans and methods, vocational rehabilitation courses built for each IUM unit, organizational structure, business strategy, and marketing.
    • Develop relationships with local employers, with a focus on inclusion.
  • Implementation and Maintenance 
    • Measure the economic and social impact of the IUM on your community.
    • Work with your local regulators to maximize local legislation and regulations to support your growth.
    • Ongoing online support and mutual visits with your management, team, and service users.



 The results:

  • Increase the organization’s turnover from selling products.
  • Increase the number of service users and the associated revenue from local government (sheltered employment).
  • Improve placement rates of organization’s service users within the open labor market and associated revenue from local government (supported employment).


Consulting services are customized according to each organization’s needs and goals.


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