Experiential & Participatory Course

Introduction to IUM: Innovation in Rehabilitation

Inclusion, Social Impact, and Economic Sustainability in Rehabilitation
4 online sessions, 2 hrs. each

Learn how to take inclusion, social impact, and economic sustainability to the next level, with professionals from around the world.

Designed for vocational rehabilitation professionals, this trainingĀ  includes theoretical lectures, case studies, and open discussions to introduce participants to a basic vision of zero exclusion.



Vocational Rehabilitation: Theoretical Background & Approaches (Session 1)

  • Rehabilitation and the Recovery Vision and Basic Principles of Vocational Rehabilitation
  • Supported Employment: Individual Placement and Support (IPS) model
  • Cycle of Change model and theĀ  Dynamic Cognitive Interaction theory


Integrative Unit Model and P3 Supported Employment (Sessions 2,3,4)

  • IUM Basic Principles: create a person and recovery-oriented service that combines sheltered and supported employment methods in one integrative unit within the community
  • Creating Personal Vocational Recovery Plans: strategies, methods, and techniques to build and implement personal recovery plans
  • P3 Supported Employment model: Preparation, Placement, Progress
  • Preparing service users for open market inclusion
  • Cooperating with employers

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